Every time you pull up to the pump it’s the same choice: do you save a little money by filling up with regular, do you splurge and buy some premium for your trusted car or truck, or do you split the difference and fill up with mid-grade? If you go by each grade of fuel’s name, that might be your thought process, but choosing the correct grade of fuel for your vehicle isn’t that simple.

Let the knowledgeable professionals at Bessey Motor Sales explain the difference to you.

It’s All About Octane Level

Of all the 200 different hydrocarbons that make up a normal gasoline recipe, octane might be the most important. It’s the octane that makes your fuel resistant to combusting when heat and pressure are applied in great force. The more octane that’s in a fuel mixture, the more resistant it is to combustion.

The difference in combustion between Regular 87-octane gas and Premium 93-octane gas is very slight, but certain high-performance engines rely on the split second longer than 93-octane gas allows to get an edge on performance.

Most Cars Are Made for Regular Gas

The majority of car manufacturers craft cars, trucks, and SUVs that are designed to run perfectly using 87-octane gas. In fact, putting premium gas in the tank of most production vehicles don’t provide any advantage to a driver whatsoever.

There’s One Way to Love Your Car

Regular gasoline may not be harming your car, but filling up with premium gas isn’t a magical remedy either. The only way to make sure that your car, truck, or SUV is running smoothly is to get it serviced on a regular basis by qualified professionals.

Our South Paris, ME car service center is filled with talented professionals who are committed to getting the most out of your car or truck. There’s no better team around. One trip is all you need to make you a believer.