Few other states in this country know how brutal winter can be in Maine. Right now, our area is particularly cold, and many drivers are experiencing issues starting their cars due to battery issues. You can easily avoid being stranded by performing regular battery maintenance.

So, what does automotive battery maintenance entail?

  1. Checking your battery: A preventative maintenance check on your battery and its cables includes looking for corrosion on the terminals and cleaning the connections of any grease, dirt, or oxidation buildup.
  2. Staying aware of changes in functionality: Pay close attention when you start your car and keep an eye out for your car’s electrical system. If you notice any changes, these might be indicators of a weak battery that you should have checked immediately.
  3. Parking in a garage: An insulated enclosed space for your car helps keep your battery warm on those cold winter nights. If you don’t have a garage, insulate your battery with an appropriate wrap. Our technicians at our Chrysler dealership in South Paris, ME can share more with you concerning this.
  4. Recharging with solar: An inexpensive solar charger for a car battery can help power up your vehicle on those cold yet sunny winter days.
  5. Tightening battery fasteners: You don’t want your battery vibrating out of place causing short circuits and internal damage. You want to make sure your battery terminal is both properly positioned and secured tightly.
  6. Turning off the lights: If you have to manually turn off headlights and internal lights, create reminders to turn these off every time you get out of your vehicle. Leaving these lights on for an extended period of time when the car isn’t running will wear out your battery quickly.

If you are experiencing issues with your battery, or any other part of your vehicle, schedule an appointment with our car service center today.